Categories, Selection Criteria & Eligibility Requirements

Global Real Estate Research and Innovation Awards 2017


Regardless of the category, entries need to relate to one of the below themes


  • Risk management and valuation
  • Real estate finance and private equity
  • Debt financing from an Islamic banking perspective
  • Real estate asset growth and stock performance
  • Economics of property markets for Mega-events
  • Mortgage markets and institutions
  • Pricing models for commercial and industrial real estate
  • The impact of real estate fluctuations on city competitiveness
  • The cost of land and infrastructure in large scale urban development and  profitability ; threats and opportunities
  • The industrial sector and real estate investment


  • Strategic asset management for public infrastructure
  • Underwriting at the asset level
  • Programming and efficiency of commercial real estate
  • Placemaking (transforming  public spaces into vibrant community spaces) and real estate value
  • Real estate product and model development
  • Risk and return of commercial real estate assets valuation
  • Crowdsourcing and real estate
  • Innovations in rentals asset management
  • Modeling real estate portfolios and technology
  • Open source data and added value on property management
  • Real time data for real estate portfolio management
  • Car parking standards and profitability
  • Service fees charges modeling


  • Carbon emissions reduction and real estate projects
  • Transforming  public spaces into vibrant community spaces and socially responsible real estate development
  • Impact of urban innovations  and smart urban developments
  • Community facilities and real estate value
  • Rental investment  in residential projects
  • Affordable housing business models for investors
  • Energy efficiency and facility management
  • Real estate and economics of urban growth
  • Climate-adaptive transit-oriented developments
  • Financial instruments for  energy efficient  projects
  • Real estate innovations for green industrial sectors
  • Real estate and impact on innovative sectors
  • Planning and delivering the smart real estate project
  • Community management and urban development
  • Construction management and sustainable materials availability in GCC and Dubai


  • Commercial land bank and economic growth
  • Public policy and real estate acquisition
  • Regulation on real estate investment and FDI
  • Real estate entrepreneurship
  • Security governance
  • Food security and real estate regulations
  • Global real estate and emerging economies
  • Housing market and policy in GCC
  • Governance and real estate
  • Real estate sector transparency
  • Escrow account and speculation
  • Rental markets and new investors in Dubai
  • Rental disputes in the context of Islamic Sharia

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